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Skillful Start

Children's Skillful Starter Kit - Ages 12 and under

Children's Skillful Starter Kit - Ages 12 and under

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The Children's Skillful Starter Kit is designed to begin, support and shape your child's daily practice of skills that will build lifelong support structures and resilience. Each item has been selected to practice and promote skill development in mindfulness, growth mindset, gratitude, improved self esteem, positive coping strategies and basic emotion recognition/regulation. 

Each Kit Includes:

1x Gratitude Journal

Daily or regular practice of gratitude improves ones awareness and appreciation of positive events and improves overall life satisfaction.

This journal is designed to be used daily and direct the child's focus to the positive aspects of their day/life, their growth and to find gratitude in their daily lives.

1x Set of Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness is the purposeful awareness and focus on one's present; allowing the observation of the current experience without the need to judge or enact change. Mindfulness can be used to cope with anxious or negative feelings/thoughts, improve focus and improve a child's ability to recognize and regulate their emotions.

Each set of mindfulness cards comes complete with 22 mindfulness practices in a user friendly format with varying degrees of time required and complexity.

1x Set of Children's Affirmation Cards

Affirmations change one's inner dialogue and shape their thinking patterns and mindset. Affirmation can interrupt anxiety, help a child cope with stress, rebuild a negative self image, improve confidence, shape the way they approach a challenge and shape an empowered and growth focused mindset.

Each set of affirmation cards consists of 30 cards and a total of 90 affirmations. Designed to be used daily, these cards group affirmations to focus and inspire a child's mindset each day.

2x Scented Dough

Chosen for it's multifunctional abilities, our dough can be used as a mindfulness tool, focus aid, coping strategy and creative outlet.

Handmade by Happy Hands Playdough, this all natural dough is scented with high quality essential oils in two exclusive blends.
1x Refresh is a blend of spearmint, eucalyptus and lemon to promote focus, clarity and awareness.
1x Stress Relief is a blend of lavender, roman chamomile and lemon to promote tension relief, feelings of peace and an overall calmness.

*Due to the use of essential oils, this product is not taste safe.*

1x Neo Felx Stress Ball

Stress balls are effective tools in relieving stress and negative feelings through repetitive motion and are also effective in improving focus and managing anxiety.
The NeoFlex is a smooth ball with an outer layer of thermoplastic rubber that is super durable for the busiest of hands. 

1x Temperature Bag

Warmth has long been known for its ability to relieve tension, ease stress and soothe the mind and body. Lesser known but equally as effective, cold temperatures can be used to regulate one's emotions in the face of an emotion or mental health crisis. Changing one's body temperature signals a slowing of the heart rate and lowering of one's blood pressure which effectively lessens the intensity of the emotional experience.

These bags are handmade by I can so sew that and can be used both warm and cold.
*Enacting rapid changes in one's temperature, heartrate or blood pressure can be dangerous if your child has a heart condition or medical condition. Please consult your Dr. before using this product in the case of medical concerns*

*Bag contains actual beans which can be a choking hazard. Do not leave with small children unattended*

1x Growth Mindset Poster

Encourage your child to develop their self esteem, confidence and resilience by using these phrases when they're faced with challenge! 


1x Emotions/Coping Poster DUO

This duo features 2 posters; "Emotion Zones" and "Coping Zones" These colour coded posters support children in recognizing their emotions and connecting them with coping skills  and regulating strategies.

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