Meet Our Founder

Hello! Let me start by welcoming you to Skillful Start and saying how very grateful I am that you are here with me! I know what a commitment it is to invest your time and money into a product and lifestyle so let me take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and where Skillful Start comes from.

About Skillful Start

I am a Child and Youth Counselor with over 13 years experience in acute mental health. From the very beginning of my career I have been captivated by the young people of our community who are struggling profoundly and yet possess a hope that is inspiring. It is not often an absence of desire or drive for something different, but a lack of accessible, effective materials, support or consistency that perpetuate their struggle.                        

I am also a mother of two young children and I have never been more aware of how early many challenges begin in childhood, how many parents struggle to support and understand their children’s behaviour and feelings and how important it is to begin teaching skillful behaviour at a young age. It is my belief that if children are given the tools they need at a young age and support in practicing them as a way of life, that they will be mentally and emotionally stronger, better able to cope and adapt to life’s challenges. Enter Skillful Start.

A platform where youth, families and care providers can obtain the physical materials needed to stock their “skill kits” and support the daily practice of the skills that are crucial to a resilient mindset. I aim to support both the youth and their families and strive to grow, adapt, learn and serve the community to the very best of my ability Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me and the roots of Skillful Start. My passion and commitment to this company, these skills and the children, youth and families I serve is unwavering and I am so excited and grateful that you’ve chosen to invite me on your journey to a Skillful Start.