Foundations of Skillful Start

Our Mission, Values, Vision & You

Our mission is to make skill building materials accessible, straightforward and available in one place. We will provide individual products and preassembled kits that contain the tools required to begin or support daily practice of the skills required to build resiliency in children and youth.

Building Resilience

The youth of today are combating mental health related issues at a far higher rate than ever before. Anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, low self esteem, body image issues, bullying, substance misuse, self harm and suicidality all continue to plague today’s youth. At Skillful Start we are passionate in our vision that with simple, effective and supportive products, children and youth can learn the skills they need to combat many of life’s challenges and build their resiliency.

Skill Building

We firmly believe that early learning, frequent practice and adopting these skills into your daily life as a family, will drastically reduce a child’s vulnerability to the mental and emotional stressors all youth face today.  Our products will focus on the development and practice of mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self compassion, healthy relationships, problem solving, confidence and adaptive coping strategies.  Our goal is to provide tangible materials that can be used for any family’s needs.  We firmly believe that a Skillful Start to life will lead to a brighter and more resilient future!

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