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Giving Children a Skillful Start

Local Business Owner determined to help caregivers raise proficient and resilient youth- The Paris Independant

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Women's Wellness Collective Brant

Founded by 3 local business owners with a passion for women's wellness. Bringing women together in purposeful ways to support, nuture and grow together.

  • Carling Mitchell

    CYCP, and Founder of Skillful Start, Carling is on a mission to give parents & children the resources and support needed to change the landscape proactive mental wellness. Carling believes in the power of connection and developing life long support skills for children and youth to take on the job of life.

    "As women and mothers we are laying the foundation for the next generation. How we take care of ourselves not onlv influences our own quality of life, but directly impacts the value the next generation will place in actively caring for their well-being. I'm beyond excited to work with Karisa and Kim to bring the Women's Wellness Collective of
    Brant to fruition"

  • Karisa Haverkamp

    RP, MACP, PMH-C Clinical Director at Blossoms Counselling. Karina is a Registered Psychotherapist and certified in perinatal mental health. She empowers moms, dads and couples to thrive through the reproductive journey, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and beyond.
    Karisa is a mother of 4 and
    understands first hand the pressures
    of motherhood.
    "I am passionate about helping individuals tap into their strengths and resilience so that they can move forward with greater confidence, authenticity and calm feeling grounded and safe in the present."

    Blossom Counselling 
  • Kim Doyle

    Registered Dietitian, Owner of Brant Nutrition

    Kim Doyle is on a mission to help others fuel themselves in a way that makes them feel better physically, mentally and spiritually without a side of diet culture lingo. She is a developing a team of Dietitians and Psychotherapists with specialized passions to better serve her community.

    At Brant Nutrition, we have "Somebody for EveryBODY!"
    "I am beyond excited about the potential of Women's Wellness
    Collective Brant and the support we have received thus far. Wellness is more than a number, and so are

    Brant Nutrition 
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