Products have stood the test of time.

We purchased a kit for my then 3 year old about a year ago. Now my son is 4 and we use the cards still to this day and the playdough gets taken out regularly and is still in great condition! The heating and cooling pad has… Read more “Products have stood the test of time.”


Learning to show gratitude!

Skillful start has the perfect kit to help our small humans deal with difficult feelings. I have noticed my two ladies have learned to show gratitude and appreciation towards every day situations because of journaling most evenings. We love having a number of tools at our fingertips… Read more “Learning to show gratitude!”


Helps to express our feelings.

Everything from the kit has been so helpful! (Child’s) class is starting self regulation at school and I feel like he already has such a good handle on things because of the kit! He knows how to express his feelings and isn’t afraid to share his feelings… Read more “Helps to express our feelings.”